What is Social Distancing?

Basically it’s reducing the interaction we have with other people physically. The UK government has a full page dedicated to explaining what it is and how best you can implement it. You can view it here.

What are Social Distancing Stickers?

We print on to a vinyl with an R9 anti-slip rating (you can learn about ratings here). Our stickers are designed to encourage and educate people on Social Distancing in retail and hospital environments.

Can you use them outside?

We’ve got an external grade sticker you can use on concrete and pavements.

How did we get this idea?

Richard (our MD) was pointed in the direction of this facebook article about what the Danes are up to (clever bunch!) and he realised we could offer this out to some local companies as a way of encouraging Social Distancing practices locally.

You can see the video of him in action here!

Who Are We?

We’re a Signage and Wide Format Printer based out of Coatbridge in Scotland. You can learn more about us here: www.maticmedia.co.uk

What Payment Methods Do you Accept?

We accept Credit Card Payments via Stripe and also accept paypal too!

How Long Does It Take For Delivery?

We’re implementing Social Distancing in our own work place right now so currently it’s a 2 working day turnaround for dispatch and then 1 day for delivery.